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How to I edit a Recurring Event?

You can edit a recurring event as follows

  • Click on the Edit link to the right of the Repeats summary in the event details popup.


  • Update the settings and click on the I'm done editing this link


  • Click the Update button to save your changes

If you make a change to an event that's part of a repeated series, you'll have a choice of which events to apply the change to when you save. Depending on the type of change you're making, you might see some or all of these options:

  1. Only this instance will change that one event but not any other event in the series. This option is helpful when you want to change or delete just one event, like if you have to move one week's office staff meeting from 10am to 11am, but keep all the other weekly meetings at 10am.
  2. All following will change that instance as well as all future events in the series. Please know that saving this event's changes will overwrite changes you previously made to single events in the series.
  3. All events in the series will change that instance as well as all future and past events in the series.



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