What is StrikeBase?

StrikeBase is an Online work platform where team members can collaborate with one another efficiently on projects. With all your information in one place,and with all the applications built from the ground up to leverage the strengths of each other, team members no longer need to perform repetitive, redundant tasks allowing them to get more work done in less time.

Why did we develop StrikeBase?

For the last 6 years, our team at GDiz consisting of 11 Programmers and Designers have built Web Sites and Web Applications for Clients across industries in North America and Europe.
To collaborate with one another and with our clients we would use…

  1. Google Talk and Skype for our internal Chats
  2. Dropbox and Box to share files with one another
  3. Emails for our messaging
  4. Over a dozen Task and Checklist based applications to manage Tasks and ToDos

Each of the apps worked sufficiently within their own domains, however they were not designed from the ground up to work with each other, let alone leverage each other's strengths. 
The lack of centralization meant that even something as simple as searching for a single file or a message required performing individual searches across each service. Additionally, controlling Access on an Account or Project level was virtually impossible and managing multiple user accounts across multiple services was extremely tedious for the management team.

Our research showed that a vast majority of the Small and Medium businesses experienced the very same issues that we did. With limited manpower and financial resources at their disposal, it was not possible for these companies to develop and maintain internal, consolidated solutions covering their Messaging, Task, File sharing and Reporting requirements and this led them to take the fragmented application route, just like we did.

Our mandate was very clear.We needed to build a collaboration platform that...

  1. Kept all our data in 1 place and was accessible securely from anywhere 24x7
  2. Was easy to use with the same fit-and-finish offered by the "Facebooks" and "Twitters" of the world
  3. Was a Platform that let 3rd parties build and extend it [much like the Facebook developer program]
  4. Was priced competitively so even small businesses and startups could afford it
  5. Was a cloud based service that would work across operating systems and did not require an IT person to setup and manage


More reasons why you will LOVE StrikeBase

Archived Projects will not count towards your Project total
Unlimited Users - all your Staff and Clients on 1 platform
Month-to-month billing = No contracts
256bit SSL data encryption - the same as online banks
Unparalleled Support - via Twitter, Facebook or Email
Upgrade/Downgrade anytime ... or Cancel without fees
0% Waste - Pay only for what you need
3,2,1...GO - StrikeBase is Easy to setup and use

14 Day
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StrikeBase was built to take advantage of the latest features built into modern Web Browsers.
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