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Who can see What is in my Account?

Users from within the same account (eg. only have limited access to data across Apps based on

1.The User account Type i.e. Account Holder, Manager or Normal

2.The Project that the User belongs to, as defined by the Account Holder/Manager


Under an account users can only interact with other people on the same Projects that they belong to.

The Private or Visible to All nature of each app varies as follows:

  1. Chat (private)
    Messages inside Chat are private and only users who are on the discussion/thread have access to the content. A user on a discussion can forward one or more messages from the discussion to other members on the account, much like email.
  2. Files (private)
    All files and folders stored in the Files App are private and only visible to the owner, UNLESS the folder itself OR a parent of the folder or file in question is a Shared Folder. Files and Directories inside shared folders are accessible to all members on the shared list
  3. Tasks(visible to all users on a project)
    Every project contains a Board with Tasks.Being collaborative in nature, Tasks on a particular Board are visible to all users who belong to the same project as the Board . When a card is created, it can be assigned to a User or to multiple users on a Project. Every member of the Project that the task is assigned to will have access to that task, its comments and any attachments.


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