StrikeBase Change History

23 May, 2014
- Major Update: User Logged Hours Analysis graph - The "Estimated Time" column has been removed.
The REPORTS->USERS Graphs will now also consider hours logged on 'Tasks that have been Archived' and 'Tasks that are present in lists that have been archived'. Hours logged in Any list will now be included in the REPORTS->USERS graph

17 Apr, 2014
- Major Update: Improvements to the way StrikeBase communicates over a poor internet connection
-Update: Improved Authentication and Session management

26 Mar, 2014
-Update: Create Task via email - Support added to create Tasks via the email 'CC' field

15 Feb, 2014
- Major Update: FreshBooks Estimates - Option to add estimates to FreshBooks from StrikeBase via the Task Manager and Time reports page.
- Major Update: Project Estimate Widget - New widget to track Project time estimate versus actual logged hours

12 Feb, 2014
- Bug Fix: Desktop Timer issue - Desktop app updated to fix timer and search Task bug

10 Feb, 2014
- Update: Task Estimated Hours - Task estimated hours added to the Task Manager and Time Log reports

18 Dec, 2013
- Update: Like Notifications - Users will now receive a notification when someone "Likes" their comment/activity/post

28 Nov, 2013
- Major Update: Custom Labels - Ability to add infinite custom labels for Tasks (Paid Accounts Only)
- Major Update: Add people to sub-projects - Ability to add account users on a per project and sub-project basis
- Update: Private Tasks - Account holders can see all private Tasks within an account.

24 Oct, 2013
- Major Update: Notes updated UI - Notes UI has been updated
- Update: Note comments - Ability to add comments while viewing a note
- Update: Note labels - Ability to categorize notes by labels
- Update: Note images - Insert images into notes

24 Oct, 2013
- Major Update: Subscribe to a List - option to receive List activity notifications
- Update: Time Log comments - Add an optional comment while logging time on a Task
- Update: Emoticons - Select emoticons from a modal box while posting a comment

21 Oct, 2013
- Update: View the StrikeBase change log from the Account Settings > System Change History page.

19 Oct, 2013
- Desktop Update (v0.77): Multiple timer issues resolved, other performance improvements

18 Oct, 2013
- Android App Update (v1.2): added Chat, Projects, People

15 Oct, 2013
- Search: now includes Private Tasks
- Custom Theme: Solid color backgrounds for Dashboard and Tasks Workboard

11 Oct, 2013
- Update: Tasks - added "View by Due Date" option
- Update: added shortcut to Tasks Board from Project Details popup

8 Oct, 2013
- Major Update: Copy Board, Labels and People - Copy an entire board, with labels and people while creating a new project

7 Oct, 2013
- Update: Task completed percentage - Show the Task completed percentage based on the estimated hours
- Update: User permissions grid - Manage multiple user app permissions from the People page

4 Oct, 2013
- Major Update: Private Tasks - Ability to create private tasks only visible to the users on the Task
- Update: Show activity from a single or all projects on a Board

1 Oct, 2013
- Major Update: User permissions - Per app access permissions for users

30 Sept, 2013
- Major Update: Social app - Add upto 5 RSS feeds to the Social app
- Major Update: Desktop app - Drag and drop to upload files
- Update: Burndown graph options - Include archived Tasks, Start and End date filters

27 Sept, 2013
- Update: Tasks Checklist - new checklist adds to the bottom

26 Sept, 2013
- Update: Task List - "On hold" status added
- Update: Activity feed - option to view Important Updates/All Updates
- Major Update: Desktop - Drag and drop files onto Chat window to attach.

26 Sept, 2013
- Update: Task list status - new Task list status , "On Hold" added

25 Sept, 2013
- Update: integration - attach from

24 Sept, 2013
- Update: Dashboard widgets - New Dashboard widgets, Estimated vs Actual Hours, Delayed vs Ontime Tasks, Logged hours per List, User Hour analysis, Ei vs Pi, Project logged hours and Project Burndown graph

23 Sept, 2013
- Update: Tasks - Sorting for Archived Tasks View

16 Sept, 2013
- Update: Tasks Manager - ability to sort saved Filters
- Update: Tasks - option to "Automatically assign me to all Tasks that I create" (Profile Settings > Basic Information)

12 Sept, 2013
- Major Update: Trello Import (Addon)

10 Sept, 2013
- Update: Files - Ability to have public Files. By default Files are now Public. Users can still have Private and Shared Folders like before

09 Sept, 2013
- Update: Tasks Manager - Confirmation before deleting a saved Filter
- Bug Fix: Tasks Manager - Clicking the Task name was toggling the checkbox

04 Sept, 2013
- Update: Tasks - Design update to the Tasks All Projects page

02 Sept, 2013
- Update: Click the top of a List to scroll to top

30 Aug, 2013
- Update: Multiple timers
- Update: Convert Checklist item to Task - option to keep original item
- Update: Google Calendar events - Convert to Task
- Bug fix: Sorting of Tasks in the My Tasks widget issue

29 Aug, 2013
- Chrome Extension updated - Share Pages via the extension

22 Aug, 2013
- Update: View all attachments on current conversation

21 Aug, 2013
- Update: Option to view Task Created Date on Work Board (option to turn on/off under Board Options)
- Update: Tasks - Drag and drop file(s) on Task Detail view to attach.
- Update: Chat - ability to turn on/off Notifications per Conversation

20 Aug, 2013
- Bug Fix: Comments not showing in Activity Stream (local to a few Accounts)
- Update: Task activity for Checklist item converted to Task updated
- Update: Task Attachment count added to Task on the Work Board
- Update: Task Reminder info added to Task on the Work Board

19 Aug, 2013
- Update: Tasks - Reminders added
- Update: Tasks - Start Date added
- Update: Time Report - 'Group by Task' view added
- Update: Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press "N" to edit the Task name

16 Aug, 2013
- Update: Tasks - ability to Duplicate Task added
- Major Update: 1 Project Free for life plan added
- Bug Fix: Tasks - New Tasks not respecting the Users Active filters issue

13 Aug, 2013
- Update: Profile - 12 hour/ 24 hour format for dates.
- Update: Profile - Work Start/End Time Override.
- Update: Calendars - Project calendar added

10 Aug, 2013
- Major Update: Desktop app updated for Chat updates
- Update: Move items between checklists
- Update: Like option for Comments on Tasks

08 Aug, 2013
- Major Update: Multiple Checklists per Task
- Bug fixes: Chat CSS issues
- Update: Calendar Reminder - Email added
- Bug fix: Social updates not opening from Activity feed

07 Aug, 2013
- Major Update: Chat (only Web) Public Rooms, Design update
- Update: Tasks - Low Priority added
- Update: Time Report - Ability to view Archived Project's Logged Hours
- Major Update: Advanced Tasks Manager (Beta)
- Update: Notes - Edit Permissions (Everyone, Only Managers + Creator)

02 Aug, 2013
- Major Update: Notes - Public notes added
- Update: Notes - ability to Favorite/Star Notes
- Major Update: Profile - Option to "Observe Day Light Savings Time" (Profile Settings -> Basic)

01 Aug, 2013
- Update: Custom iCal/Google Calendar Feeds
- Update: Manage multiple iCal/Google Calendar Feeds
- Update: Option to display icon for Private events on Calendar; default set to no (Account Settings -> General)
- Update: Start/Pause Timer option from My Tasks widget (on hover, top right)

24 July, 2013
- Bug Fix: Tasks on Calendar not taking the estimated time correctly
- Update: Timezone change detection (only on Login)
- Update: "My Tasks" Widget added to Dashboard widget opts
- Update: Option to Move to another Sub Project in the same List

22 July, 2013
- Update: Cards quick search (right col) now includes searching through labels
- Update: Edit Profile link added to Social [BETA]

20 July, 2013
- Major Update: Customise (add, remove, filter by Project/People) widgets on Dashboard
- Update Cards:Copy All Cards to any List
- Update - Move Cards and Copy List optimised

11 July, 2013
- Update: Print Card option
- Update: Cards - changed Condition to Priority - Low (default), Medium, High
- Bug Fix: Activity issue for multiple activities in a short span of time by the same User on the same Card
- Update: Separate sound for notifications and chat

08 July, 2013
- Update: Social [Beta] - Private Posts added
- Update: Social [Beta] - View Social Notification item

06 July, 2013
- Update: Work Board Filters - Recurring added
- Update: Card Comments - option to delete (Normal users can delete their own, Account Holders and Managers can delete all comments)
- Update: Social [Beta] - Like for comments
- Update: Social [Beta] - Notifications integrated

05 July, 2013
- Update: Cards - Convert checklist item to card
- Update: Delete card added to activity stream
- Update: Social [Beta] - @all option to tag all existing People in a Post and Comment

04 July, 2013
- Bug Fix: Copy texting not working from form fields
- Bug Fix: Google calendar showing in list of Calendars for edit event form
- Update: Move Card option to move to top or bottom

03 July, 2013
- Feature: Social [Beta] released
- Update: Cutting of files from Shared folders is now possible

28 June, 2013
- Update: Cards - Move card option now include moving cards between Projects/Sub-Projects
- Update: Timer design updated
- Update: Dashboard/Boards custom background options to fill, stretch, tile, center selected background image
- Update: Label layout updated on cards. Option to show/hide label text (under Board Options)
- Update: New Card Form: remembers the last project and list used

27 June, 2013
- Update: Cards - Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press M to move card
- Feature: Add custom images for Board/Dashboard backgrounds

26 June, 2013
- Update: Cards - Keyboard shortcut to create card from anywhere in the system - press "N"
- Update: Reports -> Project - Graph to show Users tracked time on the Project

24 June, 2013
- Update: Cards - option to reset Description
- Update: Cards - Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press R to make recurring
- Feature: Freshbooks integration
- Feature: List email ids made unique for Sub Projects
- Update: List emails accepts emails from any email id (earlier it would accept only from email ids the list is connected to)

22 June, 2013
- Bug Fix: Cards - People not being removed from People selector (when opened using the P shortcut)
- Feature: Notes formatting options added - indentation, line breaks, formatting (h1, h2.....)
- Feature: Cards - Recurring summary shows on hover of recurring icon on Card
- Bug Fix: Search - Notes closing tag showing in search result
- Updated Search Layout/Design
- Feature: Attachment - "Create New Folder" button inside attachments popup
- Feature: Cards - Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press "U" to add comment/update (with ability to tag people!)
- Updated design of alerts on lists
- Bug Fix: People selector showing blank when selecting Guests for events on the General Calendar

21 June, 2013
- Bug Fix: Time report - incorrect date displaying for certain timezones
- Feature: Cards - Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press "P" to add people
- Feature: Cards - Keyboard shortcut: mouse over a card and press "L" to manage labels
- Feature: Cards - New card form shows estimate/due section if opened/closed
- Feature: Cards - Card Sub Project name displayed if viewing the parent board
- Feature: Calendar - Google calendar sync updated
- Feature: Calendar - Google Calendar colors added for each calendar
- Feature: Cards - Move between Projects
- Feature: Sound for new notifications on Web
- Feature: Sound for chat on Web
- Feature: Notification for chat on Web (subject to browser support)
- Google Chrome plugin

20 June, 2013
- Feature: Recurring Cards
- Feature: Add Notes as attachments to Cards, Calendar Events and Messages
- Feature: Permanently Delete Cards from Board (right click), Keyboard shortcut: mouse over the card and press shift+delete
- Bug Fix: Cards belonging to Lists in Trash showing in Time Report.

19 June, 2013
- Reports: Ability to edit Card Time Logs
- Reports: Total sum of logged hours for current view at the bottom of grid

16 June, 2013
- Calendar: Blue square (planned) / orange triangle (in-progress) icons to designate current Card Status
- Calendar: Option to view Archived Cards added
- Calendar: Drag and drop Cards to update Due Date

14 June, 2013
- Account Settings: Option to disable/enable emoticons across Account
- Notes: Option to Print Note
- Bug Fix: Calendars - Google calendar not showing when no Custom Calendars are present

13 June, 2013
- Notes: Sorting of Notes added
- Bug Fix: Link of Folder in email notification broken

12 June, 2013
- Calendar: Completed Cards have a tick icon

11 June, 2013
- Add in People from your Google Contacts
- Boards: Right click on a Card to perform common actions
- Boards: Link to Keyboard Shortcuts (bottom right)
- Reports: Updated layout for Filter by Labels
- Reports: Add Custom Log not part of the Grid, moved out to the standard quick add popup

10 June, 2013
- Reports: Filter Time logs by Label
- Daily Agenda added
- Cards: Added Estimate to Card view

08 June, 2013
- Time: Logs no longer grouped per User per Day
- Time: Current Labels on Cards added to Log entry
- Notifications: Added option to mark all as read

07 June, 2013
- Calendar: Google Calendar import
- Cards: Shortcut "D" to add Due Date on mouse hover
- Cards: Shortcut "E" to add Estimate Time on mouse hover
- Notes: Version numbers added (previous versions will show as - )
- Search: Notes added

06 June, 2013
- Notes App added
- Cards: Links in card names are now clickable

05 June, 2013
- Files: Make Co-owner option now visible (bug fix)

04 June, 2013
- Calendar: Default for Repeats set to Never (it was "after 5 occurrences")

03 June, 2013
- Messages: Added filtering for archived users

01 June, 2013
- Account: Work Day start time and end time added
- Cards: Form due date default set to work day end time

30 May, 2013
- Calendar: Card Deadlines added to iCal feed
- Messages: Group conversations can now continue even after any User on the conversation is archived.

29 May, 2013
- Calendar: Feature - Export to Google Calendar and iCal
- Chat/Messages - Drag and drop files to attach

28 May, 2013
- Calendar: First day of Calendar set to Account Week Start
- Cards: Shortcut "w" to watch card on mouse hover

25 May, 2013
- Cards: Shortcut "spacebar" to add/remove self from card on mouse hover
- Cards: Shortcut "delete" to archive on mouse hover
- Cards: Filter Watched cards

24 May, 2013
- Email attachments added to Cards sent via Email
- Profile Page added

22 May, 2013
- Cards: Tag People in Updates/Comments

21 May, 2013
- Cards: enhanced performance for loading of cards on browser

18 May, 2013
- Analytics Bug Fix: Normal Users not showing in People list for Filtering

17 May, 2013
- Project Burndown chart added
- People: Resend invitation option for Users who have not yet accepted the earlier request(s)

16 May, 2013
- Cards: Max/Min limits added per List

15 May, 2013
- Notification added for Users who send in Cards via email

14 May, 2013
- Messages shortcut to add Cards "ttt card name ttt"

10 May, 2013
- Feature: Add Cards via Email

09 May, 2013
- Cards Bug Fix: HTML tags not showing on Checklists

08 May, 2013
- Desktop updated for Chat Subject
- Google Drive support added for Attachments

07 May, 2013
- Cards: Watch option added

04 May, 2013
- Chrome Desktop notifications added

03 May, 2013
- Dashboard: Delayed Cards, Due Cards and Card Alerts widgets added

02 May, 2013
- List statistics/summary added

30 April, 2013
- Cards: Fixed bug while moving cards to another list

29 April, 2013
- Projects: Sub projects can now be converted to Main Projects